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Closing Another Month...with a 12?

What is it with me and this 12 posts in a month? I have got to pick up the pace. Out of the last 8 months, 5 of them have 12 posts in a month. Would have been 6, fell short by ONE POST last month.

Now, granted, my posts can get a little...wordy. (YA THINK!?!) So while I could probably double my monthly average by simply cutting each post in half (I probably cover multiple subjects most of the time anyway) and posting the text on different days well then...there ya go, problem solved.

I've tried doing that.


Damn hard.

Goes against my nature. And didn't Shakespeare write, 'This above all: to thine own self be true.' Actually yeah, he wrote that, but us modern day hippies and New Agers are the ones who use it as a stepping stone to conversations about self-actualization. In the play Hamlet, the dude who spoke the line was really telling his son to hold on to his cash and take care of his own needs first.

Those wacky Elizabethans.

See? That's why I'm 'Mister 12…

Why Do People Say 'Sick As a Dog?'

You ever wondered that? I have. And as a former dog owner, of several magnificent dogs and even of a couple of terrific cats I have to confess...they hardly ever got sick. We had a few dogs in our lives...and here's a few. I left some out, simply because there is just no need, let's stick with the Hall of Fame.

There was this one, who I call 'Name Unknown', cause I have NO Idea if that was even our dog...

Then of course Scoshee, a peekaneese I think, he was mainly Pat's dog.

Raven, a runt of the litter from a litter of Labs, LONG before Baltimore even had a football team back in town.

Then came Paisley, the first dog that I ever took care of on my own, what a beauty she was.

Then Explodey, the first cat I ever cared for on my own.

And then Whopper, a dog my Mom picked up years later right around the taking of this photo and nearing the end of the marriage to Pat Lilly. That's me holding my niece.

And then last but not least, Parker...good old hyper-spastic separation-…

Was That a Pin I Just Heard?

Image very, very quiet.

It has been...what, at least 10 days, maybe longer, since Bennett has been back at school. First because he was sick, then because of Spring Break. Now he's back, and the house is eerily quiet. I'll have to get back in the groove of turning the radio back on and junk. And back into a flow of work, writing and some other things.

I figured since I have had such a long absence though, might be a nifty idea to just spend this week updating where we are with various things, a sort of Let's Get Up to Speed on what is going down in Lillyville, point by point. No chaff, just pure wheat. Yummy.

Today's focus will be primarily on Bennett. Go figure.

Bennett is now back in school full-time. Sickness all gone. Had his yearly review at Step-by-Step Academy (SBSA) a couple of weeks back and did not meet a lot of his annual goals, but got close on many. Still has severe delays in many areas, as we all know, struggles with speech, communication, comprehension, i…

I'm Alive...If You Call This Living

Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated.

And by the way, cause you know I love to teach y'all a thing or two, did you know that is NOT the exact quote of Mark Twain? And SingleDad will appreciate this, as he is the Batman villain known as The Quotester, but that Twain quote is so often mis-quoted it is SICK.

The ACTUAL quote is this. Check out the original note.

'The report of my illness grew out of his illness. The report of my death was an exaggeration.'

There is a whole back history to the tale, which I won't bore you with, but suffice it to say that I have been sick all week, and now, this week, we'll see if I have time to write as well. Because even as I have the lingering, snotty effects of whatever this shit has been that has ailed me still nipping at my soul, I also have another issue to contend with.

Bennett has Spring Break.

Which means it is neither a break nor Spring for Yours Truly.

There is SOME relief, in 2-3 hours each day of a part-time HHA who will…

Conjuctivitis & Corporate Evil

So it wasn't Strep, as far as I know. The quick-swab test says no. Probably viral, says the doc, but he'll let me know what the main test says in two days. Gotta ride it out.

What a ride it has been so far. I had expressed solace to Elizabeth, in a message to her about something totally unrelated, that at least it hadn't affect either of my kids.

Well, I spoke too soon. Bennett is down. Hard. Same symptoms. If he feels like I do, no wonder he spends most of the time moaning.

In an interesting reversal, my immune system must be so decimated I got the Pink Eye he had last week. Must have been some residual part of it somewhere in the house that grabbed me, or I just got it from virus and the bacterial part came later. I was trying to read up on Conjunctivitis but got a wide variety of causes and finally said fuck it this is stupid. Since my defenses are so down? It took hold. Simple as that...I got it. Doesn't matter how. At around 4-ish yesterday I had green slime oozing o…

What What (in the Butt)?

I don't think you can say it any other (nice) way...this weekend sucked donkey balls.

After writing the post on Saturday describing how Bennett was going a thousand miles an hour on Ritalin, the exact opposite of what was intended, it got worse. He then had some kind of allergic reaction to the medication, and broke out in hives/welts.

Poor kid.

We got some Benadryl into him to try to relieve the reaction, and it seemed to help, and very quickly too. The photographs here show him five minutes into the Benadryl dose...

...and then ten minutes in.

Remarkable change, no? It worked fast and he seemed very relieved. So were his parents.

He eventually crashed and crashed hard. Slept a LONG time too. Probably the single longest stretch of time I've seen him sleep since...well, since he was in surgical recovery, and who wants to think about that?

He was back to his normal self by Sunday, which was unseasonably warm. Upper 70's.

I, on the other hand, was miserable. Felt like I was swallo…

ADD & Delete...Tough Choices

Now, the doctor that Bennett saw this past Wednesday did not specifically DIAGNOSE, with absolute medical certainty, that he knew or could know for sure that Bennett has Attention Deficit Disorder, since there is no way to really TEST him. He was just concerned because Bennett can't really stay on any task for any length of time at all.

And in order to learn anything, he really needs to.


SO...he said maybe because of the family history (that'd be Yours Truly) ADD could possibly be a causality of the hyperactivity and lack of ability to stay on target, but that Bennett's issues could very well be related to the Chicken Soup that is his multiple issues, discussed previously in the pages of Blogzilly many times before.

He suggested we try an ADD medication, to see if it might give Bennett some relief, and help settle him to a point where maybe he would stay focused enough to learn better.

His first dose of Ritalin, 5MG, was this morning, split between 8:00 AM and 11:30…

I Got Yer Piece of the Action Right Here, Bub...

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...oh wait, that's that OTHER Star thingie...and I always hate that shit. I hate it when people mix up Star Wars and Star Trek. Call it one of my Geek Pet Peeves.

Or worse? When people call Mr. Spock...'Dr. Spock'. *gasp*

I have no idea why, but that just gets me going.

Well I DO know why, I'm nugging futs, but that's beside the point. DOCTOR Spock is a baby doctor from like the Punic Wars or something who's books are mostly out-dated. DOCTOR McCoy is Chief Medical Officer on board the U.S.S. Enterprise on the 1960's TV show Star Trek, and later the films based on the aforementioned TV show.

MISTER Spock is the Vulcan First Officer on board that same starship.

Get it? Got it? Good. And oh yeah...I also hate it when people call it Star TRACK. It's Trek, dammit...TREKKKKKK!!!!

There are a handful of licenses that I call my 'Dream Dozen', even though it doesn't always equal twelve.

That's how I roll.