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How EASY it is to stray from a path.

You know it occurred to me, that with all the distractions of the surgery, the Mission iPossible project and so many other things I have not really updated this blog or even my Facebook page with any recent pictures of the boys in AGES.

Strolling through the end of summer and into this Fall, I've been focusing so much on my surroundings, on the minutiae of the journey itself, I've not only lost sight of the path I am walking on, but have you ever noticed that you can often forget about the people who are taking the same journey right alongside you when (and if) you allow yourself to get like this?

It's a sad reality of humanity truthfully, but it happens. At least to me it does. I don't know about anyone else. I HOPE it does. I'd hate to think I am as super incredibly weird as everybody says I am.

But I GOTTA try to remember to come back to the things that matter more often.

These nuggets are important, but I do know why I some…

Feeding the Beast

It's funny what writing blogs like these inspires in some of the people involved.

Of course, taking an extremely long break inspires, from the readership, two main reactions from two very different groups. In one group it inspires concern. People wonder if I have slipped into some kind of Funk Zone. Am I back into one of my timeless depressions from which I have to work myself out? In the other group, the more casual reader, it inspires the act of moving on, as it should.

If you don't feed the beast, the beast moves on.

Whoa...that is one hairy mufuggin beast.

The fact of the matter is that I have slipped into something. No, not anything lacy and silky, though SingleDad is going to be very disappointed I'm sure, especially after I (hopefully) get to see the pic of his elongated body part he promised in the last post I got around to slapping together.

I've tried writing. I have at least 20+ blogs started and not finished. I simply can't get my thoughts un-jumbled…

Lando the Lost

Calrissian said it best.

'Yes he's alive...and in perfect hibernation.'

Barely. If you managed to sneak a photo of me of late, I might actually be on my back, hands up, palms forward, with a grimace on my face, awaiting transport to Jabba the Hutt. I feel frozen.

Lots of reasons why.

And frankly, I am not really ready to take a bite out of it yet. You ever get like that? Any of you that blog I mean? You just have a whole shitload of stuff that you have that is jacking you up and you want to release it, but you just can't and until you do there just isn't anything you can really do in THIS space that will satisfy?

It's freaky.

BUT...I get e-mails. I even get calls now. People thinking I may be dead or something. Throat does feel like shit though I can tell you that. Went to the ENT yesterday, and he explained it to me. Gave me the skinny. See, the Lord did not see fit to give me exaggerated height, big feet or an elongated...sense of self. No, the only enlarged…


OK, so I am swiping again. I wrote this a little bit ago over at Mission: iPossible, as part of a post to get those folks caught up, but I wanted to share THIS part over here, because I know the two audiences aren't always synched up.

Like I mentioned there, I'm not done recovering from my Tonsillectomy. I still have some issues in my throat, some pain and some kind of discomfort and weird feeling and swelling on one side. Time to go March with the ENTS.

But the MAIN thing I wanted to be sure I mentioned over here is the news about Sam, one of the earlier Mission: iPossible iPad Recipients, who is recovering from a broken femur in the hospital. His Mom, cerealgirl007, who you can find over at her blog Cereal World, could use some encouragement, as she is stuck 24-7 all by herself over 14 hours away from her home at the Children's Hospital, and poor Sam is in traction for at LEAST three weeks and has a LONG road of recovery ahead of him.

We gotta show some support, that ha…

Mr. Clean

Got word from the Neuro-O today. The MRI was clean. No tumor regrowth as we had feared. I did not drive up there, we canceled the appointment late last week and decided to call in for the results, because I knew I would still be taking pain meds because of the throat and they said it would be OK.

For some reason they are insisting we still make an appointment. When I am up to it I am going to call and 'debate' that. There just is no real need this time, so I want to argue for a pass this time around. I need to rest, and Jen has a leg surgery coming up, there needs to be some kind of a 'One-Time' release or something.

Anyway, I'm not at 100% and will write more soon but wanted to at least share that bit of news.


It's ALIVE!!!

At the suggestion of a dear friend, it has been suggested that I get on here and let everyone know that I am alive and kicking.

I'm not doing much kicking. Or swallowing without pain. Or talking without aching. But I am alive, and each day gets a TEENSY WEENSY bit better.

Yeah...I am a little bit worried about tomorrow. I have to admit to that, and perhaps that mental element is also keeping me from writing as much as the physical elements are keeping me from writing. But as my dear friend pointed out, there are expectations that people have when you have blogs like this, and I have a responsibility not to leave folks hanging.

And so I am sorry for doing that.

And consider yourself un-hung for now. :)

I'll let you all know in a few days when I turn the corner into Much-Less-Pain-Ville.