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I Thought That No Tonsils Meant No Sicky Sicky?

Isn't that title sort of self-explanatory?

But I can't just leave it at that. Besides, this is BLOGGER, not TWITTER. You know, I don't do the whole Twitter thing. I don't Twat, or Twirt, or Twoot, or whatever they call it. Hell, I don't even do the whole Status Update thing on Facebook very often, though I do use it on occasion.

Nah, were I a Super-Villain I would probably be The Riddler.

Mr. Verbosity. Very prone to lots of talk, talk, talk. Or in this case write, write, write. Edward least as he is portrayed in the game Batman: Arkham City (arguably my favorite game of the year and easily on my top five ALL TIME) really can't shut up, and sadly that would be me.

And yet, would be hard-pressed to find me around these parts.

I was going to deluge last week. I had my whole LOFTY 2011 ready to go. Remember that from last year all Ye Faithful? My List of Thankful Things? Two things made me not do it.

One, my technology issues. Slowed me do…

Amazing What Happens When Technology Fails You

You don't realize how much you become dependent on a technology until you can't use it.

Typically in this House of Dripping Walls, it is when the power goes out, which happens quite a lot. And it ALWAYS happens during times that leave me shaking my head. Could be raining like the 40 Days outside and the power doesn't flutter a bit, but on a sunny, moderate day in mid-May suddenly power for 3 hours.

We live on the shittiest grid in the county.

But I'm not talking about power, I'm talking about other technology. This time I am talking about e-mail. I have several e-mail addresses, all used for different things. Many for my freelance business and part-time eBay stuff, others for Mission: iPossible, and still others for personal use. All filtered to this computer through a single e-mail program for my convenience.

I maintain my own FTP and a few web addresses for all this stuff, and the main host/server that I use was getting pummeled by junk mail lately, …

Two Pieces of Buried Treasure

I am a Hoarder.

I've gone over this before. And the truth is, Thank God I am. It has served me very well in these dark days of self/un-employment as I try to figure out where to steer my career now, because so many of the things I have hoarded in my life can be sold off as needed to make ends meet.

I hoard personal stuff too, though. Photos, letters, and not just those made of paper. The digital kind. I recently stumbled across both types, each related to the other, while I was trying to organize what is, essentially, the un-organizable.

One was a small cache of ACTUAL physical printed photographs of Bennett when he was in the NICU, that first week or two when he was born. I did not take them. I think his Aunt Mandy did, though I am not entirely sure. And I am not entirely sure how they ended up in my hands either.

But they did, and I found 'em, so I eventually got to them in my rather large 'TO BE SCANNED' pile.

The other find was that of the digital variety. I might…

Birthday Photo Deluge

I slammed my Facebook account on Sunday with a ton of photos, thought I'd smack a few up here, not so much because most people who read this don't link to my Facebook, though many do not. Mostly because I REALLY wanted to stop seeing myself as a cheerleader and FAST.

Bennett lately simply does NOT want o look at the camera when I am taking pictures, so I find myself shooting a TON of shots that go nowhere. Also, my colors are way off these days, and I have no idea why. Settings on the camera maybe, I dunno. More likely USER ERROR.

I'll have to look into it. Sometimes I get the thing so jacked up I have no choice but to just go in and reset everything back to the factory pre-sets and start over.

Of course, it wouldn't hurt to read the frikkin' manual.


Run, Lola, Run!

And everybody else who is participating in today's Santa Barbara Marathon, but particularly Team GSF. It would take a lot for me to humiliate myself and dress my little guy up like a Cheerleader, but since I could not be there in person, I can only be there in spirit and cheer them on.

Team GSF, who you can read all about here, is a group that was brought together by The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation, and by now any of you reading these pages should know who Bill, Victoria and Gwendolyn are, but in case you might be new they are the amazing family who reached out and helped out Heather and I and the rest of us and essentially made it possible for us to put that Mission One project together over at Mission: iPossible! by allowing us to take a small space underneath the umbrella of trust and security of their organization.

Without that? I don't think the first Mission is over yet. It was that important.

An amazing family, an incredible foundation, and aside from the monumental wo…

Bizarro Birthday

If there is one thing that defines my existence, and maybe always has, it is my difficulty with navigating through the complexity of my emotional states of mind. In fact, so hard do I find this task, that too often I choose not to do it, and I instead ignore my feelings, or suppress them, or disengage.

Or play SHITLOADS of X-Box 360 and blow off the things I need to do altogether! WOOHOO!'s that workin' out for ya?

This navigational difficulty has been a defining characteristic of my life, as many of you have read.

These feelings never stay submerged or repressed for long however. They always find a way to come out. Sometimes they will emerge as explosive bouts of anger and all mailboxes, everywhere, will cower in fear, or they will emerge as waterworks, with Yours Truly collapsing on the floor in uncontrollable sobs. I suppose it is the price I pay for not choosing to lead a more balanced emotional life.

I am writing about this because yesterday morning I realized …

Fate or Coincidence?

It is a question that I ask myself often.

It is a debate I often find myself engaging in with a dear friend of mine, one who I have written about many times in these pages, a man named Richard, author of Daddyspeak. Richard is a very spiritual dude, and he and I often speak of the G-Man, though in very, very different terms.

Richard is much more literal in his beliefs than I am. I have to warp and distort things in order to fit into my brain. I have to make things work in order to have Faith. But I have gone over that before.

My thinking is...hey, whatever works for you, great.

Same philosophy applies to anything that is good for you, doesn't it? If you prefer solitude and watching television and a certain level of privacy and you like to jog on a treadmill indoors, but that is what you do for exercise, then that is JUST as good as the other guy who enjoys going out to the local park and jogging around the trail, sucking in the sights and sounds of nature.

Because at least you ar…

The More Things Change

Today was an Election Day here. I did not vote. I did not care.

What does that say about me?

Did my one turn as an attempted citizen sour me so much on the experience that I am now no longer really qualified to call myself an American? I dunno. Some might think so. I might think so.

I just...well, why repeat myself?

I realize that this is a terrible thing to say, and an example for my kids that I absolutely, positively do not want to set.

But I'm tired. Tired of the rhetoric and the BS that does nothing for our economy while two very different groups will not work together to help each other as each struggles and maneuvers for control and domination and things go from bad to worse-worse.

Tired of watching all the bills go up, tired of watching my wife work for a company that takes her for granted and hasn't given her a raise in four years. Tired to have made such terrible choices in my own life involving career to where I am now, at 44, in a world of confusion over…

Bullets & Broomsticks

Bennett is sick today.

Pink Eye.

You ever notice how the Medical Community likes to name stuff in a very casual way? 'Pink-Eye' almost sounds fun, doesn't it?

It ain't.

I know because a while ago I actually got it. I hadn't had it in around 15 years. So I know it hurts, but we don't walk around calling it Conjunctivitis like we really should. Come to think of it, I guess the Medical Community really didn't call it 'Pink-Eye'.

We did.

OK, so I am not really over the whole Infantile Spasms thing yet. So sue me.

Speaking of getting over stuff, a couple of years ago, in the 2008-2009 NFL Season, the Pittsburgh Steelers made history and beat the Baltimore Ravens three times straight. They beat them two times in the regular season and then again in the playoffs, in the AFC Championship Game.

Not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES A LADY.

That stung. A lot. More than Conjunctivitis.

You might not know this tidbit of history, they also managed to set anothe…

Nothing Fruitless About It

Getting back on the Horse with posting over at Fruitless Pursuits. Why the major gap in my presence over there? Well, why not hop over and find out if you are so inclined.

THOUGH BE CAUTIONED. I curse like a drunken sailor on weekend leave over there...I make no apologies for it. ( mean WORSE than here?)

Thou hast been warned.


Annie Leibovitz, I Ain't

Not even close. In fact, too many times I walk out of the house and am halfway to an event OR am already there when I realize I left the camera at home.

Didn't use to be like that.

I use to take TONS of pictures. All the time. I was a picture taking MACHINE. Not so much anymore. Not sure what happened. Something I need to work on, I suppose.

So not only did I totally blow it with Carter's Flag Football League (though I did manage to snap a few photos with my Cell Phone I can't figure out how to get them from the phone to the computer) but when Halloween came a'callin' I also missed most of the key photo opps there as well.

Only managed to snag a couple of shots of Bennett before he was out the door.

Hopefully some of the rest of the family got Carter in his outfit (I'm banking on it) or I am SOL this year.

Is it me, or does Bennett bear a striking resemblance to the mysterious Bat-Boy?