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Separate But Equal

Initially, when the task was put upon us to embark on the journey that became Mission: iPossible, the community restoration project to complete the fulfillment of Apple iPad2 devices to declared 'merit-based' winners in a contest hosted on a website called Marissa's Bunny, it seemed so...simple.

In theory, it is. Or at least you hope that it will be.

The logistics of the endeavor, though, have been much more difficult than I ever imagined. Had I the same experience to do over again, would I still do it? Absolutely. I would just have approached it differently. But that's hindsight. and you know what they say about that.

One of the things I had tried to establish from the beginning was separation, from here to there. I felt it was important to severe the link from Blogzilly to Mission: iPossible. For some reason, I believed at the time this to be a necessary action.

That thinking is flawed, fundamentally.

If the Mission is about Community, and I am a part of the Community, do…

A Friend in the Hospital

Is it plagiarism to take parts of a post from another blog and post them in your own if you wrote the other blog? I mean...technically I try to keep the two blogs separate, but I did just kind of 'lift' this from the Mission: iPossible site. But it's like taking something from your left pocket and putting it in your right, right?

And besides...I really have been an absentee poster here, with MiP taking up most of my time lately.

Got piles of content for here though, if I can just get to some posts.


I wanted to give a shout out to a friend's kiddo. The kiddo is one of the Recipients in that contest that ended up sparking the whole Mission: iPossible fund-raising drive. That's how we ended up knowing each other.

Liam, from the Olson family, is in the PICU at Hasbro Children's Hospital. You can read the update by Eric, Liam's Dad, at Pressure Support and offer your words of encouragement to his family there, too.

Eric is good people.

How do I know this for…

Mass O' Peelle

My wife Jennifer has an

HUGE. Gigantic.

Though I suppose anything would be considered large compared to mine. I spring forth to thee from a highly dysfunctional group, and we be scattered across these 'fitty' states, with very few of us remaining in touch with each other. Close friends know most of THAT tale, or at least enough.

Jen's family though? A very tight-knit group. They have family reunions.


These gatherings are so vast they must be held outside of homes, at parks or rented facilities. They also gather together for holidays, birthdays, even for NO REASON AT ALL. Can you believe that?

It was shocking to me when I first met my Bridezilly-to-be, and it is difficult for me to this day to acclimate myself into the flock. I do the best that I can, when I can, but there are a lot of functions that I skip, only because I know that I just can't handle them that well psychologically. Those are always the ones that involve me having no retreat spa…


Our o'er-priced house, just keeps a leakin',
Our wound-up kids, they keep a freakin',
My cheesed-off wife, she aint' a speakin',
I spend my life, hunched o'er the pee kin,
My tonsil stones, they are a stinkin',
But maybe Steve, one S'tember weekin',
Can come on over, his tools a klink'in,

And help us fix this F*#KING shit!!!

Stevie...Miss you buddy. I imagine you must be hip-deep in Slave Leia bikini's right about now. Or at least maybe a porterhouse the soize o' me left leg. Whatever it is, it has got to be better than here.

And besides, there's toys and comics.

Most people reading are probably going 'Huh'?


Bowled Over

It always sucks when you know you let your Mom down.

Even when your Mom happens to be a warm, understanding person, you still want to kick yourself in the groin when you know you promised her you would do something, and you totally forgot about it. You gotta work up your best pair of puppy-dog-eyes and bowl her over with a Make-Good. Granted, the last couple of weeks, since I got back from her house, I have been really pre-occupied. Overtly stressed. To the max! And not just from what you've seen play out here in these digital pages.

My back disc problems are in overdrive, our issues with the house falling down around our ears remain unsolved due to the financial aspect of trying to fix them, some legal crap and timing. Got some kind of weird shooting pain in my arms that causes my outer fingers on both sides of my hands to eventually tingle and go numb (that's fun).

My throat thing is flaring up again. One of these days I am gonna drop that photo. I'm thinking in addition to…

Bennett the Cookie Monster

The truth is, he is not a monster about cookies at all.

And it isn't even a cookie, it's a high-fiber granola bar. The boy is more tightly bound up than the inside of a baseball. Even a miniscule dose of Risperdal causes that I guess.

But what Bennett has been, over the last few weeks, is a delight to watch evolve and grow.

And evolve he has.

His self-injurious behavior and even most of his aggression is SO manageable right now. Not sure why. Not sure how. Not sure I give a crap.

I only know that he is the happiest and most contented he has been in two years. Why should ANYTHING else matter as to the why? Although you know I do dwell on it. I seek answers. It's what I do, even when I say I don't.

As he is rounding the corner on his two-year anniversary of the removal of his Brain Tumor, he has come a LONG way. I still haven't been able to get him to say 'Hi Daddy!', something he could do at 18 months with relative ease, even after all this time, but he can do …

I'm Taking My Blog Back

For the past couple of week's I have had an enormous amount of eye-opening experiences. It's been unreal. Surreal.

My Mom has always wanted me to write a book. There are two I really, really, really want to write. One is the life story of SingleDad, who is, seriously, an unbelievable guy who has a life I simply must write a book about. He's been one of many digital beacons of light for me the last couple of weeks, when all of the other lights have gone out.

The other book is the story of all of...OMG, I don't even know what to CALL this experience, so I won't call it anything. I'll just call it THIS. THIS has been transformative for me in so many ways I can't even begin to describe. And believe it or not, I am not even going to try right now, as is my usual nature.

I want my blog back. So I'm taking it back. As of today. I laid out a rough framework for what will be the main site for the Mission: iPossible home. It's rough, expect many a visual change …

Emotional Control

It is only natural, in times like these, to let our emotions take over.

Everyone feels things on such an intense, focused level. Everyone. Especially the parents. I don't think I need to remind anyone that I was a former recipient in the Marissa's Bunny iPad Contest, and it is very easy to get swallowed up by current events. In case you had not seen those current events, they were, in summary, a statement by the contest host that the contest is officially closed and the iPads will not be forthcoming.

Ever since that time, my Inbox and Heather's has been in overdrive. Comments sections in blogs have been deluged. Facebook is on fire. Cats and dogs, living together...mass hysteria!

It has been suggested that some people on the recipient list are not who they claim to be, that entire identities are in question. A reasonable thing to be aware of. Please know that we ARE aware that identity verification is essential to any process, and one member of our team you will be meeting sh…

M:iP! Clarification, an Apology & a Tiny Teaser

Got a note this morning, or maybe yesterday...days are a bit blurry right now, regarding the Mission: iPossible! project that we have started. It was from one of the participants in the contest who won an iPad. No need to inform you of who that is at this time, not unless this person wishes it.

Anyway, the gist of the message was that the winner had informed the original contest hosts that they no longer wanted to be in consideration for the iPad, and as a courtesy also wanted to inform me of the same. Although the winner was appreciative of what I announced and had some very nice things to say, the reason given was that one had already been purchased and so, therefore, no iPad was needed.

I haven't asked yet, but if I receive permission when I finally get the Mission: iPossible! blog up (which will act as our main website for the time being) and create the Winners Page so that I can have a checklist once winners receive their iPads, I'll list the winner there and have them as &…

Mission: iPossible

A brief preface to this, before I continue. Anyone who currently runs a blog site and wishes to copy this text below, you are by all means allowed, and even encouraged to do so. I want to spread the word, so to speak, to as many places as will have it.

On May 13th, in the digital pages of this very blog, I announced that I was the winner of an iPad in a contest hosted by a website known as Marissa’s Bunny. I was one of 40 other families, selected in a merit-based contest, to receive an iPad, $500 worth of free software and, if memory serves correctly, I think there was also a gift certificate to an Apple store for $70.00 that could be used for hardware, like a case for protection and so forth.

I say ‘if memory serves’, because the contest ended several months ago.

To date no one, to my knowledge, has received an iPad.

To be absolutely clear, I can only say with 100% certainty that I have not. No one that I have been in contact with on the winners list has said they have received one. None…

Today the Bomb Falls, Finally

What a sharp contrast between the two e-mails sitting in my Inbox.

One, in great detail, outlines all of the changes that will be taking place at Bennett's school, starting today, July 1, because of HB 153, the new Budget Bill passed by the government of Ohio that dramatically slashed benefits for the disabled, the elderly, you name it.

It was gut-wrenching to read.

So many kids who will be losing services partially or in some cases entirely, many with no place to turn, many with no answers at all about what to do next.

Somewhere between 40-60, I'm not sure of the exact number. That's how many employees of Bennett's school alone, now without jobs, just like that. How many more across the state? I know how that feels. I have been unemployed now since December of 2009, making ends meet any way that I can.

Families in total chaos. Families whose lives are chaotic already. I know how that feels too. I really am in a state of complete devastation whenever I think about some of…