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Additions and Subtractions

While I wrote a blog that is in response to some of the comments and personal notes I got in relation to my post about taking Bennett out in public and family outings in general, that can wait.

Instead today I'd rather link up to Mission: iPossible, even though it seems to be Eric Olson Week on blogzilly, but that's fine with me. Why not?

Today I added him on our Who We Are page and announced him as an official contributor, and wrote a little bit about what that means over there.

And yes, it is, in fact, true, that thing I mentioned briefly on Facebook. I did take away all meat and dairy products as well as almost all processed foods from my diet. The things I now consume are radically, radically different. Been that way since Friday night.

I'm a bit more hardcore right now than I intend to remain. I will go back to having some bread and pasta at some point, maybe, in the future, as long as it is free of certain things and organic, and I may re-intro some swimmers in mod…

Fear, Of Self

There are times when I read another post of one of the Brethren or Sistren (mostly Sistren) on my Blogroll and I start to comment. And I type. And I type some more. And I keep clacking away. And then I sip some tasty beverage. And I continue typing.

Before I know it, the thing takes on the shape of a short novel, and I realize I am in danger of Blogjacking. Not even danger, really, I am actually DOING it, and the only reason it isn't considered Blogjacking by the owner of the blog is because I happen to be in good standing with said owner.

But I made a rule some time ago after going crazy on SingleDad's blog. Actually it's more of a guideline than a rule, that I would try to curtail that shit. SO, when I hit a certain paragraph count, I am supposed to stop, hit CTRL + A, then CTRL + X, then open my own blog, hit New Post and then hit CTRL + V and start writing a blog entry here.

Which is exactly why you see what is here, unfolding before ye.

I was reading the blog of one …

Back on the Horse

I showed up over at Fruitless Pursuits today (trying to get back in the groove a little). Inspired by a link sent to me in the comments section of yesterday’s blog by The Scott Family of Our Scott Spot (thank you very much) of a bunch of Muppet Cupcakes, today’s post is all about some very cool cakes.

And saying goodbye to them...for health reasons.

Elizabeth would be very sad.



Forgot to do some necessary pimpage.

I posted over at Mission: iPossible on Friday that we have started accepting new applicants for Mission 3. More than that, I essentially just started a new process that allows the overall application process, because we are taking this whole thing fairly slowly, to just remain open-ended.

Why the snail's pace? Mainly because it is still a matter of only being able to give it so much time in a day. I would love it if I were able to make it a full time responsibility, I really would. It would please me to no end to somehow turn it into some kind of career.

But for the time being it is not, and I had to admit that to myself and the best way to do that was to segment it for the time being by suggesting that we keep it formatted by keeping quantity of iPads linked to the actual Mission number. So Mission 3 would have 3 iPads, Mission 4 would have 4, 5 would have 5, etc.

Heather was cool with it, as was our other Super Secret New Member that I will b…


To say that I was in a state of dread in regards to the 3-year anniversary of Bennett's first seizure event, which was yesterday, would be an understatement of massive proportions. It has in many ways been consuming me, more than I would care to admit, to myself or to anyone else.

My friend Mark and I were discussing it a couple of days ago, and while I was saying that I should not be as hung up on it as I was because it is 'only a date, only a number', in his opinion that was not really true. It is and always will be in my head, he reminded me, the SYMBOL of when life changed for all of us, a point from which there has been no turning back.

Could be any of the dates from that first six months really.

Could be the date of actually hearing the words Infantile Spasms, or the date of actually knowing what they really MEANT, since I had never heard them before. Could be the date of the failure of Medicine 1. Or Medicine 2. Or 3, 4 or 5. Could be the first time we heard the n…

Big Time

There are those folks in your life who often send you little lifelines when you are floundering about with your difficulties, even though often their OWN difficulties are massive by comparison. Elizabeth is one such person. She is one of a group of people who I count among those who often send me 'pings'.

Whats a 'ping'?

Maybe there is a technical term for it, but to me it is just the word I use for those words of encouragement that people send when others in our blogging community go dark. You know, like what I have done of late.

I'm not entirely sure if it is an accurate way to describe what a submarine does to find out if another submarine is still out there in the water, but I think it is, so I use the word. See, when one of us does go dark, it usually is not a good sign.

Sometimes it is. Most of the time? Nope.

Elizabeth will be a part of a Webinar, a Live Question and Answer session, on Valentine's Day, entitled Using Technology to Communicate with Your…

Alive & Kicking

Hi. Yeah I know. Been a while.

In BOTH places. Which is why I am simultaneously posting this in both my blog and at Mission: iPossible. It probably violates some blogoverse rule and will cause the world to implode, so sue me. To me? Whatever gets the wheels of progress turning. That is what is most important.

It occurred to me, while trying to figure out how to best serve the current Mission 3 parameters, that there are quite a few parents out there who have already done the whole 'send in the story' thang. Who have already sent in their child's information, the history, the e-mail, the whole shebang.

Why go through it again?

We don't think they should have to. So currently I'm working out something that can fit into this blog format with fairly simplistic ease (not an easy task...blogger is not as user friendly as you might think) for this and future giveaways so that anyone who enters and doesn't get an iPad and maybe who doesn't find one through other…