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Head and Shoulders

And of course a little bit of buttcrack. Try as I might, as you will see in the fun exchange in the movie below, the boy, even during play time, has to be reminded not to put his hands between his cheeks. Oh well, waddya gonna do?

Those aren't pillows...!!!


One Small Step

Even though I am posting virtually the same identical blog at Mission: iPossible tonight, some things are worth saying twice, and I just want to take a moment to point you in the direction of something that is, without doubt or hesitation, worth a few minutes of your time.

In our world, in the universe of the Special Needs community, we seem to spend much of our lives as parents picking up the pieces. Trying to patch holes in our lives. Trying to keep our families together, trying to put out this fire or that, and battling obstacles both within ourselves and put before us by systems that seem to care so little about the children they claim to serve.

Moment of Purity seem so rare sometimes, don't they?

They happen, they really do. And it is important that all of us stop and take a second to bathe in the warm wonder of those experiences when we happen to be fortunate enough to be granted a gift of such a treasure from one of our own children. But isn't it equally as important, …

Playing House...Badly

I had this post, a very lengthy one (imagine that) with a theory as to what the Hell was wrong with me. In regards to me leg/joint/groin/back pain. Not in general what is wrong with me. We'll NEVER be able to figure all that out in a single blog entry, so I won't even try! :)

But then I didn't get it finished before I went to see my primary care physician, and all my theories?

Blown to bits.

I'd make a terrible television doctor. None of my theories panned out. At least, not according to my Doc. He checked me out for a possible hernia and did not detect any, and all the other things I thought? Nada. The end result of the consultation was that he said he would be hooking me up with a Physical Therapist to try to work on my back, which he did feel was being compressed because of my newest duties as Bennett's designated driver to and from his 'school alternative'.

That is the place he goes every Monday through Friday instead of school, essentially. Jen got a…

I've Got My Very Own Jedi Master

And you are all going to be incredibly jealous. Guaranteed.

Some time ago, I started to receive some messages from an 'anonymous' Internet entity who uses the e-mail name Helpin Hand and the e-mail address Here at the house Jen and I simply refer to this entity as HEHA for short (pronounced 'Hee-Haw').

Of course, I don't get the top of the line Jedi Master. I get the economy model. The 'Loser Edition'. Sniff. So I refer to the the entity as Episode 1 Yoda because it is so much cuter.

But that takes so damn long to SAY that it is easier to use HEHA. At least in conversation.

Now Episode I Yoda is an interesting entity. I use 'entity' or 'it' because I choose, at present, not to tell you the gender of this individual. But it decided to start messaging me regarding my career, to give me some helpful tips about my choices in life, and then moved on to include some tidbits about raising my kids, and these nuggets…


I believe the general consensus here in the Comments section and in personal conversations regarding the post a couple of weeks ago about taking Bennett out and about and having a 'Familial Style Outing' (the 'beating-myself-up-over-it' part not withstanding) is that it might be prudent, certainly, to give it a whirl.

Regarding this I cannot disagree. My Momma din't raise no dummy.

Beyond my personal fear, which I can overcome, this is not about misgivings regarding what 'people might think'. I'm the guy who has talked about having purple balls in a company meeting. I'm the guy who blogs about pretty much every inappropriate topic in the known universe. Would you like to know what my official position is about the what people think about me? In general terms?

I don't give a shit.

That doesn't surprise you, right?

Clarification. I care about what people I CARE ABOUT think about me. But strangers or asshats? They can go F-, um, they can go ta…

An Affair of the Heart

Wow, has it really been two weeks since I posted last? Time is flying by, and so many things have been going on lately I almost don't know where to start.

The weekend prior to last, I began to experience some very odd pain in my chest, neck...everywhere really, but it began to focus in my chest. It was, it is, difficult to describe. Crunching aspirin helped it, and I did not do anything about it like going to see a doctor.

Let the Jeff Spicoli 'You DICK!' comments begin.

On that Monday, the pain had REALLY centralized in the left area of my chest, in the heart region, and was in my left arm it felt like a tube was jammed up and down my arm. Very weird. At that point, after describing the symptoms to my Mom, she said I should go to the hospital, like now, I asked my Mother-in-Law to make arrangements to pick Bennett up from school and if she could take me to the ER.

Both of them echoed the same sentiment. Don't mess around. Call 9-1-1. So I did.

By the time the EMTs a…