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If At First...

Well, shit.

I almost made it an entire month, as planned. Mother Nature is a cruel, fickle bitch though, and our town was pummeled by a storm yesterday. The house still has no power, and I am writing this from my wife's parent's house.

MAYBE I could have posted yesterday from here, and yeah, I could have popped in a filler post, but the truth is that I've done that enough times that it seemed to me that destiny was that the streak be ended.

Ah, but all that means to me is that I will just have to shoot FOR JULY.

Could be worse. That photo could be of MY car.



This isn't any fun at all.

The only time I want to see that number is on a test score. Otherwise? I'm...


What Would YOU Do?!?

So you feel a little tired. A little run down on a super hot, overly humid summer afternoon.

You aren't taking any of the old meds you used to take that had, shall we say, stimulative qualities. And that's a GOOD thing. But you find that afternoon hump just a WEE bit tougher to get over, so you think to yourself...'Self, why not enjoy a nice, steaming cup of fresh Espresso from your handy dandy Nespresso machine?'

You haven't used it in a while, but it has only been a few weeks and so you turn it on and get the cup into its place, pop in a little nodule or whatever they call those little things, and wait for the light to stop blinking so that you can fire that hot water down the chute and create that much-needed pick-me-up.

When the water fires, it hesitates...sputters for a second. Very weird. And then, from out of this little hole where the Espresso generally flows, out fall two Earwigs into your tiny mug.

Earwigs, in case you don't know, are a fairly common…

Legging Out a Bunt Single

But the STREAK stays alive.

Hey, they ain't ALL gonna be triples, doubles or even clean singles. But at least I am getting on base, and that's the only stat that matters right now.


Little Things We Do To Get By

When I have a particularly difficult day, there are any number of things that I might do to relieve the pressure. I'm sure you all have these things. Tiny rituals that you keep in your pocket and bust out as needed.

I've found that many of mine change, well, have changed, since I became a Special Needs father.

See, family didn't always mean as much to me as it used to. I always cared about it, but I was never as invested in it as I am today. People who knew me 'then' and who know me 'now' can probably attest to that. So maybe, if you want to look for any silver lining at all in a disastrous turn of events that led to Bennett's tumor/surgery/multiple disabilities, then you might look at that.

Being able to appreciate that which I used to take for granted is not a bad thing, certainly. It keeps me motivated to keep going forward and not backward, keeps me from going over the edge of the abyss from time to time when things get to be their bleakest.

How do…

Temporarily Unavailable

Shouldn't take too long.

Will return shortly.


Short and Sweet

Though as far as what I'm told, neither of them got their Dad's short gene. They are both fairly tall percentage-wise.

Keeping it tight on the weekend, as we have some stuff to do, but haven't updated with new photos in quite a while and figured I'd toss a couple up here and load the rest into Facebook when we have the chance.

Isn't that the cutest veal you've ever seen? ;)


Tell Us How You REALLY Feel

A local Cleveland meteorologist doing the forecast after the Miami Heat win Game 5 of the NBA Finals last night. That is too funny. But hey, I admire the guy's passion.

I'm super conflicted about Lebron James. I have some thoughts, a lot of them, that I need to sort out. Not even sure I want to do it here. Or should.

Hell, some people in Cleveland have an automatic bias against me because I am a Ravens fan. When I go to the Clinic with Bennett and wear my hat I have to use caution about when and where I wear it. Now if I start to say anything positive about LeBron I might get more comments like yesterday's. And Sweet Odin's Wolf, I sure don't need THAT!


Round and Round

OK, so the CT Scan results are in.

I'm not dying. Is it wrong to almost wish that I was? Forget I said that. Bottome line is this. Here is the official read. My secum is lower on the right than on the left, probably because of my appendectomy. It is putting pressure on my bladder and is in an odd location. The doctor says that it could be a source of pain in my abdomen but it is not likely.

Can someone please just kill me now and get this over with?

OK, so here is what I know. I am having pain in my abdomen, my pelvis, my hips, my back, tingling and numbness and hot lava in my arms and legs, but mostly legs. My BALLS (there, I said it), hurt from time to time and they retract. When I bend over, my right abdomen hurts.

I believe and have always believed I have a two-pronged problem here. One related to the abdomen/pelvis/hips. One related to the discs and nerves in my back. Problem is that I think I am the only one on this planet who thinks so.

I've had two tests, and MRI and …

Swing And a Miss

Lest anyone think that this has turned into a Fox Sports blog, I just haven't got anything in the tank today, so I am pretty sure, right from the get-go, that this one is going to be a strikeout.

So why bother writing it?

Because I said I would. I foolishly made the commitment to write a blog a day for the month of June. And for some reason I cannot explain, I feel like now that I have rounded the corner on the halfway mark I HAVE TO COMPLETE THE TASK.

Some are gonna be good.

And some?

Well, crickets will be heard chirping in the background. Like they are now. Even if I try to show one of the things I was working on today, part of a massive amount of photographs I have to re-do. Here's a random sampling of some of them.

See? What'd I tell you.

I hear chocolate covered crickets aren't very tasty.


Gods of Thunder


Like I said in a comment reply to Justine, who writes Metamorphosis, when I was trying to figure out why in the world I want to see Lebron James fail so much when I am a fairly new convert to the NBA, the reason I started to watch basketball with more intensity this year, the reason I decided to become a FAN, is basically because of Bennett.

He was the tipping point.

I was searching for a Number 2 to the NFL as far as sports go. Needed something to fill the offseason from football, because it is just TOO long to go without sports.

No way could I go back to baseball. I've just been too betrayed by it, the Orioles owner is still a douchbag and frankly the sport itself just is too damn slow. Though I could write an entire blog about steroids and how they affected my love of the game.

It was between this and a couple of other sports, but Bennett LOVES basketball. To watch it I mean. We sit together and he imitates me and my reactions.

His favorite? A sound I make…

No News is Just That...NO NEWS

Nothing from the doctor's office on the CT Scan.

I even called them and left a message on the Nurse's line. Asked for ANY news on it, and I even used the magic word.


I'll tell you this, that is just not good form. Sorry, I said it. But you don't leave a dude hanging like this. I don't care what the outcome is, but would it kill someone in the office to just drop me a line and say 'We are having it looked at by someone.' or 'The doc is really backed up and he hasn't been able to get to it.' or 'We had a dog come into the office and accidentally eat our copy and so we ordered another.'


But to not bother with anything?

My opinion? Wrong.

I think I'm pissed.


It's Revolution, Baby!

I'm not 100% sure, but I think I just got a stiffy.

Yeah, now I'm sure.

October 30th CANNOT get here soon enough. Then you'll never see me again. ;)


Daturday Adventures

A brief excursion to ToysRUs for no reason other than to spend time with Carter. And no, sadly, this is not my local TRU store.


Looked around at some stuff, all the while fending off 'Can I get this?' and 'Can I get that?', with a smile, since that is what I was there for. But since he had a spending limit it was good to be able to make him read the prices and figure a lot of that out on his own.

In the end he settled on this:

Not a bad haul for a 'No Reason' buy. I just hadn't seen the kid in a while and set the limit at 20, and besides, he doesn't have any kind of current allowance earning potential with school out, so I am coming out ahead to be honest with you.

A bit off-topic, but I gotta say...if the trailers and the merchandise are ANY indication, I am going to despise the new Amazing Spider-Man movie. Looks to me like they have taken my favorite Marvel character and turned it into what will be my least-favorite Marvel movie. EVER. Even w…

Lest Anybody Freaketh

The only reason there has been a rather lengthy delay today in the posting of a blog entry is because I have had Bennett all day. Today was an off day, a RARE off day, at the SBSA center that provides his ABA therapy treatment.

Though they do have a full week off in July and another in August, that is it for the summer. No other summer time off as far as I know.  And today obviously.

Not a terrible day, to be honest. He just requires constant attention and almost 100% focus. Like a King. I took him to the park for a while, and we BOTH had reactions to the sun. Friggin' Lamictal.

I also beaned myself in the head right into the monkey bars, and must have been dazed because I then backed into a pole with the car in the parking lot. I was a bit fuzzy driving home. Dolt.

Still...he enjoyed it. Loves to slide and swing that one.

And nope, I haven't heard a thing about the CT Scan from yesterday, in case anyone cares.

Carter came back last night, but I didn't get to see much of …

See Tee

Here I sit, in a waiting room, anxious as Hell.

After four months or so, I am having a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis to try to get some answers regarding the medical mystery I have been living with.

I remember telling you all that it was once suggested to me by my wife that this pain could be all in my head. Psycho-somatic. A reasonable suggestion given my history.

As I sit here, my heart racing so fast that the iPad is shaking as if I am keeping beat to a song, I almost hope it is. I did not anticipate being this nervous.

But to be honest, I cannot remember a time in a medical facility when I was this scared.

Well I can, I just don't like thinking of those days.

I will say this...the shit they make you drink? NASTY.


Dogs of War

It's been weird the last few days.

Carter has been gone with Jen's parents camping since Sunday afternoon, shortly after the Two-Face Incident. Talk about separation. THAT'S separation. He won't be back until Thursday.

Bennett's demeanor has obviously been a lot calmer because of it. He still tantrums. The boy does not like to be told no. It's really that simple. When it comes right down to it, all the research I have done says this. Find the trigger points and try to change them or try to make behavioral changes based on what you observe.

I've been observing. Lots of observing. He gets pissed when he is denied shit.

Don't we ALL?

But for him, his brain just doesn't seem to be able to process the denial in a way other people do. I don't know how correctable it is, but in order to move forward I certainly have to believe that it is. And I say that based on evidence provided by Carter's absence. As much as I have missed Carter, Bennett has be…

Play Date

Amidst a sea of seemingly bleak posts, and granted, deservedly so as we have hit a very rough patch, one way of showing that there is in fact some diversity, that Life Ain't All Bad, one need only look at the difference between the two phone calls that transpired today.

One, involving setting up a meeting of a legal nature which was a complete bummer for me and although perhaps in the end it could be a good thing I have to admit that the act of making the call was one of the more difficult things I have had to do in a really, really, long time.

The other phone call was much more pleasant, the act of being able to speak to an old friend about his birthday, with which he celebrates the milestone of reaching his 45th year.

One of his gifts this year is an X-Box 360, and I was able to contribute a Gift Card to help with his online membership to the X-Box Live Community of Geekness. So while we used to spend some time when we were young pre-teens playing Dark Tower, nerding it up on a…

Weather Report

Partly cloudy skies. A slight bit of precipitation.

No meteor showers that I could find. Had to postpone my vacation plans.

I'll get through this just like everything else, but the concern is very much appreciated.

Yesterday I was just venting. A bit dramatically.

I'll try to be a bit less Michael Baysian in the future. ;)