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Sometimes The Answer is a Simple One

A couple of people have said to me this week that they miss the regularity of the blogging I had been doing. More than a few, actually.

I appreciate that. I really do. Even from those who don't regularly write commentary, because it does inspire me to try to keep posting stuff more regularly, if not every day.

One of the theories is always posed regarding my state of mind. And truthfully I am in a funk, but it isn't the primary reason I am not blogging. I've got some news...psst...I think I am ALWAYS in a funk. Might just be who I am now. Where we are. Is what it is, as a buddy of mine likes to say. But funks don't always keep me silent either. Need I point out that it was a funk that started the actual 'run' of blogs in June?

The fact is that there is a very easy, simple reason why I am not writing as much right now. In a word?


I still haven't solved the issues I've got, and I'm flaring up right now. Arms and legs doing a lot of tingling a…


I've kind of lost my stride a little bit. I'm stumbling.

Gotta try to get it back.

That and, don't be shocked, the very basic desire to post.

It's funny. Because I kind of lost the desire to write over the weekend, and I am not 100% sure of the reason. Gotta kinda sorta cook it out in my head. I have some theories, but they are still baking.

My Mom, who was visiting from last Tuesday through this morning, came in to the room on Sunday and said something to me about this blog.

'You didn't post anything yesterday.'


'You gonna post anything today?'

'Nah. I don't really NEED to, you're here.'

'Yeah but you don't write that thing for ME.'

'True...but still, I just got nuthin' I want to write about right now.'


Mom's have X-Ray vision. They can totally see through their kids, they know RIGHT away when an excuse is unleashed into the room.

So here I am...clickety clack...writing esesent…

Hey Whatever Happened to That Bald Guy?

This Fall I fear I will simply disappear into The Matrix.

September sees the release of Borderlands 2, which I may just have to skip over. I dunno. Maybe I can call in a favor on that one. Not sure yet. Maybe an exchange of services. Then October sees the release of Assassin's Creed III.

In November it is a double-whammy. Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II. I'm sure there is something else in December I am forgetting about.

What the Hell?

And now that Richard is on X-Box Live and I have a regular buddy I can play with who likes to play as much as I do? And not to mention the NFL will be in full swing at that time, as well as Ohio State football?

I'm in deep shit people. Deep, deep shit.

I need to start just growing flowers or something. Maybe learn how to conjure chocolates or just study the art of massage religiously. Because I am going to have to quadruple the affections I give to Mrs. Blogzilly if I ever hope to survive through the winter intact.


The Years Go So Fast

Happy Birthday kiddo...let's make it a good one.


Strange Coincidences

One thing is certain, my Mom knows I am one sentimental bitch.

While I am not the type of person who will ever find myself in the category of a Hoarder, I do hang on to things many other people toss aside. Things like notes passed in class in high school. Or the ticket stubs from the first NFL game I ever went to. Or the medical bracelet that Bennett wore during his brain surgery.

That stuff has VALUE to me.

Whenever I see my Mom, she always seems to pull some new piece of sentimentality from...well, someplace, and give it to me. So I guess that is where I got the habit from. Because if she always has something to give me, that means that she, throughout her life, has been collecting stuff like that too.

This time? A very interesting tidbit from, ironically, July 2005, when she accompanied me and a bunch of The Family to celebrate Carter's first birthday on a sort of Family Vacation. A week in a place in Tennessee called Pigeon Forge.

The item?

Just a little thing of toothpicks t…

Yeah, I Skipped a Day...

You would too, if your Mom showed up and you hadn't seen her in almost a year.

That just means that I will have to post twice today., BUT, it does mean that I failed in July for once a day. Is what it is.

There is an irony here, and a heavy heart. If you haven't heard, Heather, my good friend and partner at Mission: iPossible, lost her Mom this past weekend. It made the experience of seeing my Mom last night much more poignant. Maybe that is why the last thing I wanted to do was blog.

Hope you are doing OK Heather. I know it has gotta be rough.


Ground? Meet Face.

There is a great line from the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Professor Jones speaks it after Walter Donovan is relating to him their results of the Grail mission, and reveals that they were very close to success. That their project leader was 'one step away' from completing the quest.

Indy replies as an aside (or an interruption rather) with a statement that is a foreshadowing of events that will unfold as he nears the end of his own journey towards the Cup of Christ as he walks along the footsteps of The Word of God at the end of the film and the ground literally gives way beneath him.

But it is also a statement that applies, and is often used by many people (OK, geeks), to describe that uneasy feeling you get when things should feel more settled but don't, when you should be at ease and aren't.

Because especially in this world of being a Special Needs parent, just when you think things seem to be leveling off for a while, and you think that you are gett…

It's Still Sunday...

Image some parts of the country.

Been a helluva last 36 hours give or take. Tell you all about it later. Right now I be pooped.

Bed time.


I Came. I Saw. I Conquered.

Of course I squealed like a school girl and took a LONG time to overcome my fears, but I am happy to report, and I know you were waiting breathlessly for this, that I hunkered down and had a cup of Espresso from my machine that had previously been the site of a rather peculiar incident involving two insects.

Personally? I think they were bug humping in there. Trying to make little earwigs. I imagine they were doing it 'Earwig Style', which is a really crazy position that I am sure no one has ever heard of because I just made it up.

But I ran tons of bleach and other nasty chemicals through the machine for days.

And obsessive me would, every time I walked by the machine, run more water through it. Only took about a week or two to finally decide to belly up to the countertop and insert one of the pods to attempt Caffeinication.

After some internal dialoging, I tossed back the tasty beverage and did not even gag or nuthin'.

Pussification of America? I say thee NAY!

Well, unti…

I'm Tired

So nothing really potent today.

Well, I guess that depends on what you consider potent. That's not all that bad a product photo though is it? Took it with a shitty 2006 camera and mostly tungsten lighting. Still, it is one I am particularly fond of.

Can't figure out why.


Photos Galore

I had meant to get a lot more, especially of Carter, and then my freakin' battery died. TOTALLY forgot to charge it. DOLT.

Oh well. Next week is Carter's birthday, so I will really get some Carter-centric stuff together for that.



It is July 4th.

I sit here, pondering how poorly I have been handling my Plant Strong/Vegetarian lifestyle changes over the past couple of weeks. Just bad choices when it comes to processed stuff and more junky type things than honest to goodness veggies and fruits.

I find myself wondering if today, the 4th, I will tear into some flesh. Burgers, ribs, something of that nature. I have been hearing its call of late like the beating of Pagan drums.

I know why.

Depression. Depression makes you do stupid shit. You can quote me on that. Eating healthy makes me feel good. The depression in my head says 'Nope, you can't DO that you crazy mufugga. Why not eat something processed instead of some rice and beans? Why not tear into something that used to be walking around?'

You know, there are times I detest that voice.

I know too many folks who have it too. Or some derivation thereof. Anxiety. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Panic Attacks. Suicidal tendencies.

There always been a L…

Unfinished Business: Part I

When I started this run of trying to do one post per day for the entire month of June, I had a few things I wanted to cover during the span of that time.

Shit? It indeed do happen.

It started with a major storm that blew through here on Friday. Knocked out the power in a LOT of homes in the Mid-Ohio region, and places beyond, and I got stuck with no ability to post on Friday. No biggie. I figured...what the me an excuse to try again and see if July and I can get along when it comes to daily love.

As with most circumstances in my life and this blog, there were a few things that I left on the table when it comes to The June Experiment. One was a wrap-up, a sort of 'What Have We Learned This Month?' overview. Maybe I will still do that. Would be interesting to at least me.

Of those other subjects I did not cover, there were two that are critically important to me and the future of not just this blog but my participation in the 'online communities' of which …


Like that stuff they put in Hot Dogs.

Hey...I did say I have BOTH kids in the house all day right? You're lucky I am even sane enough to post anything.


It Doesn't Hurt As Much The Second TIme

We'll see about that.

After failing to complete on my mission to post every single day in the month of June, I have decided not to be discouraged and to try it again. This time for July.

I had a whole MESS of things I had planned to say in a sort of June Wrap-Up, but the storms that left us without power and picking up the pieces made that fairly impossible, and this week? OY. Gonna be tough to even keep up with the post count, at least of any substantive nature. Carter has Strep and Bennett is off this week from school. Will be interesting to say the least.

But I will give it the old 'College Try'.

Why do people say that?

If it was possible to major in 'Completely Phoning it In' for a good bulk of my college days, I'd have switched my curriculum. I think the only thing I really TRIED doing with any voracity was getting laid. And you wouldn't think it to look at this ugly mug (the years have not been kind) but I did OK with that.

OK, OK...TMI. But I'm …