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WOW. Has It Really Been 2.5 Weeks?

Where DOES the time go?

It's baffling to me how little time I have spent on the Internet overall in the past several months. Well, unless you count my time spent on X-Box Live, but we won't get into that.

But here? Or Facebook? Or reading other people's blogs? Stuff like that? I am a ghost, an echo of the person I used to be. There are a lot of reasons why. Won't bore you with all of them. Besides, I'm not even sure of the following:

1. Who is still around.
2. Who really wants to know the nitty gritty.
3. Who detailed I want to get into all the shit that has gone down over the past few months.

Besides, I've known for a while now how badly I need to reboot this blog. Maybe reboot is too weird or too specific a word. Rethink it might be better. I mentioned last time the possibility of walking away. And I gave it a lot of thought. There is a large part of me that thinks I should. Some of the things I have written have hurt people, some things haven't gone ov…

Is It Weird?

That the wordiest, go-on-way-too-long about way-too-many-off-color-subjects guy just hasn't had a whole lot to say lately? Maybe. Could be. Weird that is. Then again, it could just be a phase. Or a virus or something. Though I am giving serious consideration to putting this blog to rest for good. Food for thought.

But while I have no words, today, I do have pics, from this past weekend, taken during a local Halloween Trick-or-Treat event.

This is an annual thing held at campground (has to happen kinda early because of cold weather, 'natch) where my wife's parents set up their camper and hosted lots of family members who slept over some of the nights and also on Saturday participated in the campground's T0T candy-seeking festivities.


And Just Like That

You have to go home.

I've spent the last week visiting my Mom at her home in Arkansas. Jen, since she had the week off, was able to be the designated driver for Bennett for his therapy stuff, so she took care of all of that in Ohio and it freed me up to visit my family. It sucks that we often have to do things this way, but when you have a kid with a disability, you often have to do things this way.

But frankly, I needed the break. Things haven't been all that easy back home of late, and I don't expect them to have become any easier in my short time away. All the things that I may have hinted at or even talked about at length all seem to be headed to a convergence, in this upcoming Fall/Winter, and the pressure is enormous.

Not to mention that there has been and seemingly always will be the Bennett Factor.

How do we gain control of his raging behaviors, before they gain control of us? That, to me, is the key to EVERYTHING. Solve that? The rest might just be manageable.

A …