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YESvember is Over

This past week got away from me. Two appointments for the kids. Bennett's IEP. A very unexpected car accident. Prior to that, a relapse with my pelvis and hips that has upped the pain ante in me all week long and seriously is making me reconsider my originally thanking Chiropractic Care on my BLOAT list earlier on and also making me wonder if I should be going down this path.

Where does that leave BLOAT?

I dunno. Not sure I even care. I have some of the rest of the list finished, and I might continue BLOAT into December. Might. Based on the response, I may just let it die.

Maybe not.

If there is one thing I have had some epiphany over it is that as I move forward with this blog I want more focus and clear intent regarding the fact that I am writing this thing with very specific goals, goals that matters most to me on a personal level. And the exercise of losing a lot of my readership this past year because of my lack of posting has made me think a lot about the directions I wan…