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I had a very different post planned for today.

I wonder how many blogs start out that way? Especially considering the fact that many or us, most of us probably, are not paid do do what we do. Man, that would be grand, wouldn't it? But then, I suppose if I were to be paid to do this, it might not feel the same. I certainly would feel the need to hold back a lot.

But since we are NOT paid, we have no obligation, truthfully, and therefore we can at a whim change our minds about so many things. My intent was to make this post solely about my sister, who recently went through...a pretty radical crisis in her life. But it is such a deep, complex story that I realized the following:

1. Her tale over the course of the past two weeks or so after she had a Ventricular Fibrillation, nearly died, was resuscitated five times, went comatose, came to, then later developed seizures only to finally walk out of the hospital the day of her birthday? That story took so many twists and turns, it beca…


This is post 599, can you believe that? Wild isn't it. I'd be up to over 1,000 had I not taken a year off. Of course, taking the last couple of weeks off doesn't help when you 'Return' to writing a blog. Something terrifying happened a couple of weeks ago in my family that kept me from posting. I owe it some real thought, real consideration and time when it comes to sharing my thoughts about it. I had been writing about it as it was going in, with intent to post, and as the situation kept changing throughout the week I kept revising the post.

When the dust started to settle, I realized that I was coming up on the 600th post of this blog. So I thought...what the Hell, I'll post something else FIRST that I had been tinkering around with, and save that post for that special milestone. I like doing stuff like that. I've always had that streak of sentimentality even though it often causes me to stumble all over my well-oiled plans.

Speaking of which, coming bac…