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A Week (Kinda) in the (If You Want to Call It) Life

Cool picture of photo frames, right? I love filters in Photoshop. They can take an otherwise shitty, over-saturated image and turn it into something semi-tolerable. Why even have it there? It was the intro photo for what started as a blog I began to write almost a week ago about 'Fantasy Glasses', so I used a photo of me checking out new frames at the Eye Doctor.

Is this a post about choosing eyeglasses or what? Nope, it is all OVER the place. You can call this little part an intro written after the fact, because this post got so out of hand (even for me) I had to break it down, chop it up, throw parts out for another time and totally reconstruct it.

What a flippin' nightmare, but it has been that kind of week. Full of ups, downs, twists, turns, a ton of tears, scrapes, pain, epiphanies, self-doubt, success and yes, even me feeling like I learned, well a LITTLE something.

Some posts, if you ever have written blogs before...some posts just get away from you. So this had t…

Dreams Really Do Come True

Luke, I love the way you say 'Ribald'...

I've been hip-deep in a blog post that has gotten so out of control I am trying to re-structure it before it outright consumes me. Man, it is a long mufugga, even for me. But I wanted to write SOMETHING, and not just toss up another picture of LeBron, and this is as good a reason as any. In fact, it's FANTASTIC.

It seems like a lifetime ago when a group of very generous and outstanding people got together and had an online baby shower in my family's name, raised money and bought be a digital video camera so that I could record the early years of my first son Carter's life. Total strangers, whose only connection was a passion for plastic and felt, back when I was working as the VP of Product Development for Palisades Toys and was heavily involved in an entirely different kind of online community.

A community not of Special Needs Moms and Dads, but of collectors.

That was where I hung my hat, which had hair in it in those…

The Decision II

Some posts write themselves...

LeBron James explains return to Cleveland Cavaliers.


The Puke Whisperer

I can't speak for anybody else, but I assume it is like this for a lot of you. I'm going to assume that in the world of typical parenting it is rare that things go according to script with your kids. Taking it a step further, I'm going to suggest that Special Needs parenting ratchets it up a notch and the odds of things going to plan become far less likely.

Bennett is currently having a week-long break from a Summer Camp. Though 'Summer Camp' isn't what I would call it. Technically it is Summer, but it is hardly CAMP. It is a recreational program at Step By Step Academy, the school for kids with disabilities, mainly Autism, where he spent most of the years between 2-5, before we moved him into public school for the first year of Kindergarten.

FYI...upcoming post alert, we have to make a decision in the next couple of weeks about returning him to the public school or returning him to SBSA. I'll let you know what we decide. We have a meeting scheduled next w…