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In Light of Recent Events

Unfortunately, the post I wanted to get to today will have to wait for another time.

Time being the key, operative word here. I don't have as much as I'd hoped for. This happens when you have a youngster with multiple disabilities, one of them related to aggressive behaviors, in the public school system, and you get phone calls that suck you into it's vortex away from your job and away from other things you may have going on.

See? I have a LOT to catch you people up on. So many unfinished rants.

Like Tscychovsky or Schubert, with symphonies left un-done, I have pages of un-refined, un-released bitching I have been itching to unleash. Huh? Who are those guys? Aren't you the dude who likes to talk about titties? And while we're at it...waitaminute...didn't you say yesterday that this was going to be a whole new era, a more positive Lilly? That you were tired of being a Negative Nancy?


That was yesterday.

Today? I'm just tired. And I haven't showere…

Pardon Me While I Check This Blog for a Pulse

There is so much going on with the Internet that I don't know anything about. Or I have a vague awareness of it, but not enough knowledge about it to feel comfortable enough to dive in and become an active participant. I'm sort of a jerk of some trades, master of a few when it comes to all the shit that everybody else is into. It is a bit lost on me to be totally honest.

I guess it is a reflection of who I am OFF of the Internet as well, since I am technologically non-savvy also. The car I currently drive is from 2004. about that? Ten years old. Of course, it only has 74,000 miles on it. That's awesome, right? I love a short, teeny commute if not at all. Been lucky. I usually have computers that stretch the boundary of modern acceptability ('Hey wow that a zip drive?') and we still own some televisions that have the gigantic curved backsides. You know, the kind that you can sort of hear when they are turned on even though the sound is off. You j…


This doesn't mean I'm coming back to doing this again.

At least...I don't think so.

At one time, I had planned to, as anyone who used to swing by here might be able to tell by some of the subtle graphical changes. but I changed my mind. Decided it wasn't the right time. I often find that I struggle to find anything worth writing about.

But as the weeks turned into days, the days turned into hours, and the hours now counting down to minutes, I kind of figured I would not be able to let THIS anniversary pass without some kind of acknowledgment. Not this one.

I've let many milestone announcements slip by in the year plus that I have taken my...hiatus. If that's what you call it. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Holidays. Multiple clean MRI. Five years smoke free. Changes in schools. Changes in domiciles. Changes in employment status. Holy shit on a shingle, the list becomes endless when you are talking about a time frame spanning over 13 months.

To be honest, I nearly …