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One Month Later...

What can I say? Shit happens!

The excitement I feel over the picture up top can only be matched by, maybe, the electric sizzle I got last week when I thumb tacked a poster on my bedroom ceiling of Erin Gray as Colonel Wilma Deering. Wait…I meant, when I was a much younger man.

Still, I'm excited about the photo!

Lemme explain.

As an artist most of my life I have lost a lot of actual artwork. I've given lots away, had some stolen, and in fits of emotion even destroyed pieces. My attitude over originals used to make my former boss at Palisades shake his head at me in disappointment.

"I don't know how you can DO that!"

"I dunno…I suppose because if I want more, I'll just make more."

Which was total bullshit, I never did that. Well, rarely.

As I've grown wiser, matuuuured, I see the wisdom in that head shake. Now I cherish the discovery of pieces I didn't have anymore. Like the painting above. Gave it to someone in Grad School. I think. Tha…